About Us

Peppercorn Edinburgh is a brainchild of Merwyn Pereira and his immense passion for food. His experience in the hospitality industry spanning 15 years means quality and customer service top his priority list. We provide Best Indian Restaurant Takeaway and Delivery in Edinburgh

“I just don’t want to sell good food, I want to create a community around Peppercorn Edinburgh where our guests can always depend on us not just in terms of catering but also as a trusty worthy business, a friendly face in the vicinity”.

Peppercorn Edinburgh is more than just an Indian takeaway, we understand the age-old secrets to spices. Imagine walking through a bazaar, in awe of all the colours and smells… turmeric, chilli, peppercorn, you can’t help but lose your senses.

That’s what we’re all about, making sure your palate takes you on a journey with homestyle Indian food that follows authentic Indian recipes. True Indian flavors that we intend to bring to Edinburgh in the most delicious way possible. Now you can order online and enjoy the best Indian restaurant takeaway and delivery in Edinburgh. 

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

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